Hentech Technologies Ltd is a renowned manufacturer and distributor of high-tech electronic components and fabricated assemblies. Hentech Technologies Ltd provides customers with unsurpassed quality products through the synergies of research and development, expertise in materials science, professionalism in product design and process engineering, as well as our network of knowledgeable application engineers and procurement professionals. Hentech Technologies Ltd has kept an extensive inventory of active and passive devices from leading edge technology to hard-to-find products, serving industries worldwide.

Hentech Technologies Ltd wholly owns United Electronics Company, Kam Ling Electronic (HK) Co Ltd, Goldwin Technology Development Ltd and Legend Development Company. Each subsidiary has her own competitive edge and specializes in different spectrums of electronic products.

Since her establishment in 2001, United Electronics Company has rapidly grown to become the major electronic components supplier in Hong Kong. Leading component brands distributed by United Electronics Company include Kam Ling, Team Young, Walsin, LS United, Panasonic, TC, Samyoung, Jackcon and Kang Diing (KOA Group). Our experienced staff members from various disciplines could tailor-make an innovative solution for our OEM customers to suit their specific production requirements within a short time frame and at competitive prices. United Electronics Company also provides clients with a variety of inventory and warehouse management plans to help them operate effectively.

United Electronics Company has recently capitalized on her long-term strategic alliances with several leading manufacturers to develop technologies and products to suit client's specific needs for leading-edge assemblies and accessories.

Kam Ling Electronic (HK) Co Ltd
has been producing relays for more than 28 years. She has set up her production plant at a 3-storey factory building of gross floor area of 10,000 feet2 at Hainan, People's Republic of China. Her Research & Development Team at Hainan factory has been the cornerstone of Kam Ling. The Research & Development Team delivers the innovations and breakthroughs that are revolutionizing the electronics markets. Kam Ling's full product line has been certified to comply with the RoHS requirements and UL508 standard. Her commitment to product quality and safety is thus undisputable. All her products are being monitored under quality controlled process to ensure customers receiving the ideal, reliable products. Kam Ling's products are being shipped worldwide, winning much recognition in international markets.

Goldwin Technology Development Ltd
has been selling safety capacitors for more than 5 years. She has obtained the distributorship of Tenta film capacitors in Hong Kong. Tenta is the leading specialist in Taiwan, manufacturing a wide range of film capacitor under ISO 9002 Quality Management.

Legend Development Company is the nominated supplier of Hong Kong Disneyland which demands top quality products and uncompromising service. Legend Development Company offers one-stop, hassle-free service to clients who are looking for excellence in Quality and Service.

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