January 2001

United Electronics Company was established.

April 2003

Hentech Technologies Ltd was incorporated, wholly owning United Electronics Company.

July 2003

Hentech Technologies Ltd acquired Kam Ling Electronic (HK) Co Ltd and Hainan Jinling Electronic Co Ltd.

May 2004

Kam Ling's full product line was certified to comply with the RoHS requirements. 

January 2005

Kam Ling's full product line was certified to comply with UL508 standard. 

February 2005

Hentech Technologies Ltd invested in Aerodynamic Car Accessories Co Ltd, diversifying in car accessories market.

April 2005

Hentech Technologies Ltd established Legend Development Company which specializes in procurement consultancy services.

October 2005

Hentech Technologies Ltd acquired Golden Technology Development Ltd which is a renowned distributor of safety capacitors.

August 2006

Because of her strategic position in Hainan Province, People's Republic of China, Hentech Technologies Ltd has obtained the sole distributorship of Wing Wah products in Hainan Province. In essence, Hentech Technologies Ltd makes further diversification, forging strategic alliances with reputable companies.

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